Horticulture Conference is a must-attend

12 Jul 2018 Horticulture Conference is a must-attend image

The Horticulture Conference will be held at the Air Force Museum in Christchurch from 23 to 25 July. The theme this year is ‘Our Food Story’, with the sessions tracing that story from the commercial vegetable gardens and fruit orchards, all the way through to the consumer. We have an excellent line-up of presenters, all with short format presentations and time to chat about them with delegates.

If you’re undecided on whether or not to attend, here are five compelling reasons to come along:

1 - Innovative Growers: The formal conference sessions begin on Tuesday, with some of our most iconic growers telling their unique stories. These are the trail blazers of our future, and their session will link back to the field trips on Monday, where Canterbury innovation will be on show. Both the bus trips and the grower sessions are a must for all you growers who want to think about what you are doing and what you can do differently to meet future challenges. There are also technical and research reporting sessions for vegetable growers on day one, which will be of interest to all growers.

2 - Meeting Compliance: Two very compelling sessions focused on the constraints on growing and looking to our post-pesticide spraying future will follow. Once again, these are critical sessions for all growers, which will show the path that horticulture must follow to remain competitive and to continue earning premium prices in offshore markets. Robotics and labour issues will also be addressed, in a succeeding session dealing with our current labour supply challenges and how we might resolve these in the future.

3 - Future Diversity: The second day will begin with a breakfast session about strategies and initiatives for woman in horticulture, to identify what we as an industry need to do to develop the diversity we need.

4 - Distribution Keys: Distributors and supermarkets will come under scrutiny for delegates to further develop their understanding of how to get the best out for the distribution of their product.   

5 - Satisfying Consumers: That which is grown has to meet the ever-growing demands of our consumers so that a premium price can be secured and sales repeated at that premium price. The final conference session will unlock the secrets of how to do this successfully, bringing to an end the conference, and to Our Food Story. 

All in all, the Horticulture Conference 2018 is not to be missed for growers interested in dealing with the key issues of modern horticulture, and those of the future. If this sounds like you, there is still time to register for the conference at www.confer.nz/hortnz2018/.

On behalf of myself, the industry, and all the Horticulture New Zealand staff, we hope to see you there.

- Mike Chapman, CEO