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Damning decision from district council

29th August 2018

Earlier this week, the Tasman District Council decided not to support the development of Waimea Community Dam. This dam was going to supply water for urban households, support the area’s thriving horticulture, and ensure minimum river flows during dry periods, sustaining the aquatic life in the river.

Vertical farming has limits

27th November 2018

As part of her Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme, Horticulture New Zealand environmental policy advisor Rachel McClung has published a report, "Can vertical farming replace New Zealand’s productive land to deliver high quality fruits and vegetables in the future?"

Expert evidence rejects water conservation order bid

29th January 2019

Horticulture New Zealand opposes the application for the WCO in the Lower Ngaruroro River and the Clive River.

The facts about nitrogen in horticulture

11th December 2018

Stuff recently gave space to an opinion piece from Glen Herud, a dairy farmer, which had a number of inaccurate references to the use of nitrogen in horticulture and horticulture practices in general (Stuff, December 4, 2018).

Horticulture will play a role in climate change mitigation

13th December 2018

Recently, a number of reports about climate change mitigations have been released, including one from Motu called Land-use Change as a Mitigation Option for Climate Change. In my view, this report is required reading for the rural sector. It simply states in its conclusion:

Plants need water too

17th January 2019

Horticulture New Zealand submits to councils from one end of New Zealand to the other to get water allocated for plants that grow healthy food. You would think that it is self-evident that plants need water not only for survival, but to be productive and to produce top quality, healthy food.

Suffocation by taxation

28th February 2019

We are currently analysing the final report of the Tax Working Group (TWG), and offering our views on what has been recommended. It seems there may have been a significant opportunity missed; taxing air.

Water Conservation Order: Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers evidence

29th January 2019, Natural Resources

Evidence from nine experts supports Horticulture New Zealand’s evidence that a water conservation order (WCO) is not the way to ensure healthy Hawke’s Bay rivers.