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Horticulture New Zealand is an industry association representing New Zealand's 5500 commercial fruit and vegetable growers.

Commercial fruit and vegetable growers are members of Horticulture New Zealand and are expected to contribute a levy payment from sales of fruit and vegetables (14 cents from every $100 in sales) to fund the work of HortNZ. Learn more about levy collection here.

If you are a new grower you should register with HortNZ to ensure you receive the benefits of your levy payments. These include:

  • HortNZ monitoring changes in Government policy on your behalf, promoting the development of the industry, making submissions to central and regional government, giving policy advice and aiming to influence change for your benefit as a grower.
  • Subscription to HortNZ industry magazine: "The Orchardist" for fruit growers or "NZGrower" for vegetables.
  • Subscription to a weekly industry newsletter written by HortNZ containing relevant information for growers on current affairs and upcoming events.
  • Direct access to HortNZ staff for advice on industry matters.

Become An Associate Member of HortNZ

Only commercial fruit and vegetable growers are 'active members' of Horticulture New Zealand. As Associate membership of HortNZ allows us to extend membership of the organisation to other companies and groups who, like us, believe horticulture is a growth industry which plays a significant role in the New Zealand economy. Full details of associate membership can be found in our by-law.

Benefits of HortNZ Associate Membership:

  • Refer to your organisation as an associate member of HortNZ
  • Use the HortNZ 'associate member' logo on your website and approved industry publications
  • Receive HortNZ's weekly email newsletter
  • Link to your website from the 'Associate Member' section of the HortNZ website
  • Attend any relevant HortNZ functions
  • Register for the HortNZ conference at the 'grower/member' discounted rate
  • Access to our monthly magazines - contact us for more information

Associate membership costs $250 a year.

Click here to view a list of current associate members


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