Levy FAQs

Who Set The Levy Rates?

The rates were voted on by growers in a 2018 referendum.

Why Do We Need A Levy At All?

Without a levy HortNZ would cease to operate. HortNZ’s prime reason for existence is to protect growers’ interests, increase fruit and vegetable consumption and improve profitability of the entire industry.

Do I Have To Collect The Levy?

Yes, if you buy fruit or vegetables from or sell fruit or vegetables on behalf of growers you are legally required to deduct the levy from payments to growers and pay the levy collected on to HortNZ.

Can HortNZ Put The Levy Rate Up Beyond The Maximum Levels Voted On By Growers?

No, not without the approval of at least 50% of growers in the respective sector by volume and turnover. This would require holding another referendum.

Need More Information?

If you have any queries about the levy, HortNZ, or need copies of any forms, please direct dial the grower freephone: 0508 HORTNZ (0508 467 869) or email hortnzlevy@hortnz.co.nz.