Reducing food waste during COVID-19

03 Apr 2020

A large number of growers are contacting HortNZ about produce they no longer have a market for due to the closure of independent fruit and vegetable stores and produce markets. Please note we are still in discussions with the Government about reopening the independent stores. 

We have been working with Fair Food, a food rescue charity who are coordinating with other food rescue centres throughout New Zealand, and are keen to put growers in touch with a food rescue organisation in their area. 

During this difficult time, there are many families who are struggling to access fresh food for many reasons like no money, lack of transport and complex health needs who would greatly benefit from access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

The food rescue organisations are used to dealing with fresh produce and understand it’s perishability and handling requirements.

We have an agreement with Fair food which you can view here, so you can supply your product with confidence that it will be appropriately handled and distributed.

If you have fresh produce to donate, you can fill out the form below and we will pass your details on to Fair Food; or you can contact one of your local food rescue centres directly yourself.

If you have any questions please email Helen Barnes or phone 021 348 948.

Click here to access the form to donate produce.