Keep Safe, Keep Growing

25 Jul 2017

Keep Safe

Horticulture New Zealand has teamed up with WorkSafe New Zealand to create a health and safety toolkit specifically designed for horticulture businesses.


This toolkit can be found here.


Managing health and safety in the workplace is a critical issue for horticulture businesses. This guideline is targeted at those who are responsible for the management of health and safety in a horticulture business, and covers the steps that growers should take to build a health and safety system.


Features include a guide for visitors to a property, tools and training resources for workers and contractors, and the ability to create risk assessments for Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) audits that are part of many horticulture businesses.


A PDF copy of the Keep Safe, Keep Growing guide can be found here. If you would like a copy, please contact Horticulture New Zealand.